years of experimental research for geotechnical, environmental and chemical applications


GEEG (Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Group) is a Startup Company of “Sapienza" University of Rome founded by professors, researchers, engineers and technician aimed at sharing with Contractors and Engineering and Chemical Companies the knowledge acquired in years of research activity in the field of chemical treatment of soils.

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Experimental activities for the study of the effectiveness of chemical products and their environmental profile

Chemical application and dosages selection

Experimental procedures for the study of injection parameters, dosages, and the performance of specific chemical products and materials

Environmental impact

Experimental procedures for the study of the environmental impact of specific chemicals and materials


Analysis of the biodegradation kinetics of chemical agents in different environmental conditions

Reuse of soils and rocks from underground excavation

Reuse projects of excavated debris and development of the required experimental analyses and on-site controls

TBM Perfoemances

Optimization of TBM excavation performances

Monitoring & Data analysis

TBM monitoring data analysis and geotechnical and environmental monitoring

Bentonite & Polymers

Experimental analysis on bentonite muds and polymeric fluids for drilling, Micro-Tunneling and Slurry-Shield TBM


GEEG develops research activities in cooperation with Contractors, chemical and engineering Companies and Italian and European industrial Groups. The continuous exchange of ideas with Partners is one of the key points of GEEG's proposal, which is necessary to acquire skills and experience in a world, such as the tunneling one, in continuous and rapid evolution.

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