laboratorio GEEG

Bentonite and polymeric fluids

GEEG is carrying out a research activity on the characterization and recycling of soil and rocks resulting from excavations that involve the use of bentonite and polymeric fluids. The use of these fluids is mainly aimed at the safe removal of the spoil during drilling operations.

The fluids commonly used consist mainly of chemically replaced sodium bentonites (smectites) and may contain, in addition to the main compound, both inorganic and organic additives that are usually present in the industrial formulation of bentonite powders whit the purpose of modifying the rheology of the excavation fluid prepared in aqueous solution and its water retention capacity.

These compounds can lead to a possible environmental impact, so that GEEG started an experimental and theoretical research to identify the mechanisms of interaction between the compounds present in the bentonite fluid and the terrestrial and aquatic environmental compartments.