Dissemination GEEG


GEEG, since its foundation, has strongly proactively contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and best practices for the construction of tunnels and underground works and for a virtuous management of soil and rocks produced.

GEEG members are constantly engaged in the drafting of scientific articles regularly published in national and international sector journals. In addition, GEEG is regularly involved in organizing conferences, study days, and GEEG members are often asked to present the results of research activities and works developed within the startup.

GEEG, as startup from Sapienza University ensures high quality level of its team in education, teaching and training activities. Professors, researchers, engineers and technicians involved gained relevant experience in teaching, supporting Italian and foreigner students and organizing training and researching activities. Team members often participate and organize seminars, lessons and learning activities about the described fields, and organize encounters, workshop and debates.

In particular, GEEG team members are specialized in supporting and promoting training and education activities based on innovative and non-formal methods like, for example: trainings on the job, traineeship experiences, supported researching activities, exchange of best practices.