analisi laboratorio

Environmental impact assessment and study of the reuse of the excavated soil and rock

GEEG developed experimental procedures and started continuous laboratory activities aimed at studying the effects of the injection of chemicals into the environment.

The assessment of the environmental impact of the products commonly used in civil engineering works is a very wide topic, that involves many disciplines, from chemistry to biology to materials science. GEEG's research activity focuses on the development of experimental procedures, including expeditious ones, for the estimation of the biodegradation process of these substances in the environment, for the evaluation of their ecotoxicity characteristics that can guide the disposal of the excavated soil and for the analysis of the chemical release in different environmental compartments produced by foams, greases, slurries and cement mixtures used during excavation. All these activities take part in the management of the reuse of excavated soil and rock, essential to avoid the waste of a precious resource such as the soil.

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