Experimental activities for the study of biodegradation

GEEG has been carrying out laboratory and worksite activities for some time in collaboration with Contractors and Suppliers of conditioning agents in order to measure the biodegradation kinetics by microorganisms present in the environment.
Experimental studies aimed at analyzing the influence of biodegradation of different factors such as, for example, temperature, the type of bacterial inoculum present in the soil, the concentration of the chemical agent and the type of soil are regularly developed and are currently underway.
Quick measures to be applied directly on site are being finalized and are already used, on an experimental basis, with reference to some application cases.

In this study we dealt with the analysis of the effect of metallic iron nanoparticles for the pre-treatment of percolation water from conditioned soils, reproduced in the laboratory. The experimental results showed how nanoparticles can be used as a heterogeneous catalyst for the development of a heterogeneous Fenton process, particularly effective for increasing the biodegradation of treated percolates.