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Study of the chemical composition of products and of the effect of individual compounds

The study of the chemical composition of the products entails the analysis of each of their compounds in terms of quantity, purpose, chemical properties, process of biodegradation and environmental impact.

These studies can be performed on one or more products, simulating a specific site condition (characteristics of the soil to be excavated, environment, geographical location) as well as a more generic application. Their purpose is different depending on the context:

  • for manufacturers, these studies can provide useful elements to improve the formulation of the product, to verify its effectiveness or to get an evaluation of its time of biodegradation and impact before the execution of specific environmental analyses
  • for engineering companies, they can guide the selection of products
  • for administrations, they can support deeper assessments or investigations providing a fast screening of a chemical product
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Classification of Foam

In TBM-EPB applications, the half-life test is one of the most common laboratory tests for measuring the stability of a foam. In this article we collected the results of years of laboratory tests carried out on a large number of foam samples generated with different combinations of foaming agents and dosages and we proposed a classification system that allows a simple evaluation of the capacity of a product to generate a foam stable over time.