analisi in laboratorio geeg
foto provetta per analizzare la composizione chimica

Selection of products and dosages

GEEG provides services to the engineering companies involved in tunneling with TBM-EPB technology that need to choose the chemical products and their most effective dosages, to evaluate the relevant environmental impact and to plan the reuse of the excavated soil. In these years of research activity, GEEG developed several experimental protocols aimed at quickly provide fundamental data for the management of soil conditioning, adapting test procedures to the specific needs of the companies. The laboratory equipment, developed in order to recreate conditions close to those on site and adjustable to match the features of the TBM in use, allows reliable estimations of the adequate dosages for each product and plays a key role in our activity.

GEEG is also available as operational support on site, proposing expeditious procedures for the analysis of conditioned soil in addition those already known in literature.