Years of Research for engineering applications

GEEG develops research activities in cooperation with Contractors, chemical and engineering Companies and Italian and European industrial Groups. The continuous exchange of ideas with Partners is one of the key points of GEEG's proposal, which is necessary to acquire skills and experience in a world, such as the tunneling one, in continuous and rapid evolution. These collaborations allow GEEG to be involved in national and international research projects and to organize Seminars, Conferences and Workshops on topics related to the engineering world.
  • Companies interested in developing chemical products (i.e. foaming agents, polymers, products and chemicals for injection) to be used in the construction of civil engineering works and to evaluate their performance can rely on GEEG for specific studies and experimental activities aimed at verifying their effectiveness and environmental sustainability.
  • Combining the research approach and the experience in engineering design, GEEG offers services to Contractors and Engineering Companies. Over time, GEEG has developed a series of experimental protocols able to provide in a short time the elements necessary for the management of the chemicals in engineering applications. The procedures for selecting the type of product and the dosage to be adopted are developed in specifically equipped laboratory.
  • GEEG can support the public administrations in the fulfilment of their role of controlling the correct execution of the works in compliance with the current regulations.


The offered services include test procedures developed ad hoc by GEEG in its research activities as well as tests well known in the scientific literature.