Stefano Javarone




Stefano graduated in Chemistry at the Univeristy of Pisa, with a specialization in industrial material chemistry. His thesis, developed at the Institute of organometallic compounds of the Italian National Research Council, regarded the synthesis of nano-charged polymers and copolymers. He worked for 5 years as Product Manager in the clay minerals industry, performing duties of research and development, product management and site assistance. He currently serves as liaison between GEEG’s research activities and the industry.


Fluorescent LDPE and PLA nanocomposites containing fluorescein-modified layered double hydroxides and their ON/OFF responsive behavior towards humidity
Polypropylene Spheres Functionalized with Water-Soluble Vinyl Polymers by Photografting for Water Remediation
Humidity-Responsive Fluorescent Polymer Nanocomposites
The Effect of Nanomaterials Injection on the Mechanical Characteristics of Coarse-grained SoilsFunctionalization of polypropylene resins by photografting of vinyl monomers and their possible uses for wastewater treatment