Research & Development

The research activity of GEEG is oriented to the development of experimental procedures, laboratory tests and on-site tests aimed at acquiring useful elements to support engineering projects from the design phase up to the realization of the work. Currently, several research projects are under way in collaboration with Universities, Research Institutions and Companies.

Research activities

GEEG is always available as promoter or partner in Research Projects.

Chemical composition

Experimental study on the composition of chemicals for engineering applications

Wear risk

study of the abrasion of the TBM cutterhead based on the experimental evaluation of the properties of soils and excavation tools

Expeditious on site tests

Development of expeditious tests to be performed on site for the evaluation of the geotechnical and chemical properties of soil

environmental impact

Experimental study of the environmental impact of chemicals for engineering applications


GEEG invests time and resources in sharing the scientific results achieved, in stimulating cooperation between different research groups, engineering companies, chemicals suppliers companies and institutions in order to contribute to progress in the field of civil, chemical and environmental engineering.

TBM performances

Bentonite & Polymers

Years of applied research in the field of civil, environmental and chemical engineering.